“A” for effort.

Poor Trixie. She tries. She tries harder than anyone. On the nest, every day, for hours.

But, lately, Trixie’s been coming up empty. Sitting on the nest for hours, and leaving me nothing. She has succumbed to the same winter doldrums as the other girls, but she’s taking it so very hard. She looks depressed.

I may be anthropomorphising.

Two days ago, she left the nest successful, and then again this morning. Is her drought over? You tell me:

Okay. The first one, at left, is a little on the small side, but that’s often the case when a girl gets going again after time off. But the second one is good, right? Right?

Perspective is all. Take a look at Trixie’s two eggs next to the one laid by Haley yesterday:

Yup. Trixie’s laying fart eggs. Eggs. Plural.

It’s not unusual for a hen to pop out a fart egg when she’s been having laying issues, to clear the pipes. But TWO??!!

I don’t mean to complain. All eggs are good, especially in the winter months. In fact, we had an eight-egg day yesterday Eight!! Trixie didn’t lay, but Buffy did, and Buffy’s eggs count, even though we can’t eat them.

And, on the plus, side, the girls were fighting over who’d get to take Trixie’s first fart egg to school for show and tell. I guess that problem has been solved, huh?

Now they can fight over who gets to take the smaller one…


2 thoughts on ““A” for effort.

  1. “Hi, class. Today, for show and tell, I have brought Trixie’s fart egg.” Oh, I wanna see a photo of the teacher’s face at THAT moment…

    • Yeah, I thought of that. It would be the same teacher that got Stepdaughter the Younger in trouble for the firetruck joke, which…totally funny. I hope I’m not setting her up for another lecture.

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