Actual winter. Go figure.

As I’ve said before, it’s been a very strange winter: warm, wet, brown. Oh, there have been a few frosty mornings, and a few dustings of snow, but nothing that couldn’t be grazed through. Last night, though, the area braced for a proper snow.

When the chickens emerged from the barn this morning, they were met with real winter:

Unaware how lucky they’ve been thus far, they were unamused. Chickens can be so glass-half-empty, you know?

They are getting the hang of snow, though, as little as they’ve seen it this year. I watched them out the kitchen window this morning, single file, wade hip-deep in the snow to the trampoline, under which they have learned pasture is to be found, when it can’t be found anywhere else..

They were grazing under the trampoline when The Stepdaughters went out (snow day!!!) to build snowmen, and so, I was able to catch this moment of rural charm:

They are braver and braver. Where they once screamed at the sight of a few flakes (the sky is falling!), I now find lots and lots of this:

And, that? Makes me smile.


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