Buffy and her sisters.

Any Woody Allen fans out there? Anyone? Bueller?

Sorry. I’ve had a hard day. I’m punchy.

I thought you might like to see some pics of Buffy with her flock in the courtyard today. Here she is sharing the camera with Haley’s bald butt (time for more Blu-Kote, Haley…):

Sharing dry oatmeal with the girls (photobombed by Hermione):

And facing off with Trixie. This made me nervous, but a second after this pic was taken, Buffy gave Trixie a bonk on the noggin and Trixie backed off. I’ve always suspected Buffy was one of the alpha girls, and she seems determined to stay that way:

She has a long way to go, but she hasn’t lost her place in the flock. Or her mojo.


One thought on “Buffy and her sisters.

  1. That picture of Hermione made me ‘lol’ She’s so cute!

    I have a girl that is broody right now, and when I force her out to drink/eat and poop, she goes around making sure everyone knows she is still high up, just like Buffy :)

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