With apologies to Gertrude Stein. Plymouth Barred Rock edition.

In all the excitement of Sunday’s dog attack, a piece of good news was buried.

Abby laid an egg. Abby Someone…Abby Normal…

Yes, her first egg in well over a month. For the first time since November, I had all ten hens laying!! There was the potential, if not the probability, for a ten-egg day!! I was positively jubilant.

And then, mere hours later…well, you know the rest.

I’ve had more events to blog these days than you, gentle reader, have had time and interest, so I’ve been trying to space them out, setting aside the stories that were less urgent for a metaphorical rainy day. I have Buffy updates coming later today, but I thought I’d take this chance, now that Abby has had a few days to get her egg size up to snuff, to present the final in a series: With apologies to Gertrude Stein. Plymouth Barred Rock edition.

Now, Gertrude may have had a point with these three. Their eggs are not so easy to tell apart:

See what I mean? And yet…I can.

The egg at left is a Maisie. Maisie lays the lightest of all our eggs; the shape is what I would call “elongated round”, there isn’t really a big end and a small end, and the sheen is very chalky. Only Tallulah has eggs as chalky in feel.

The egg in the center is Coraline’s: the roundest and stubbiest of our eggs, slightly darker than Maisie’s, and with a slightly glossier sheen.

At right, is a long-anticipated Abby egg. Abby is our torpedo girl. Her eggs are long and lean (smart girl!), streamlined and super smooth. And shiny. Her eggs would make great plumb bobs.

Now, across breeds, I will occasionally be unsure whether an egg was laid by Trixie or Coraline, but they lay in different nests, so confusion is rare.

And THAT, gentle reader, is how I can tell one egg from another. At least…until my new chicks start laying in the fall.


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