Visiting day.

I had planned to arrange a playdate between Buffy and Trixie in the courtyard today, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. Today, Buffy had visitors!

Wendy Gardner, creator of Naughty Naughty Pets, as well as our patron rooster, Heedley, came by to sketch my chickens, and to see how Buffy is doing. Wendy is sketching my girls with an eye to developing a new line of chicken characters. I am honoured and psyched. As soon as she has sketches she’s ready to share, I’ll be sure to post them here.

Wendy and her two children also spent time with Buffy, and saw, first hand, how she’s doing. It’s not pretty under the dress, as Wendy can now attest.

Wendy and her daughter helped to give Buffy her daily spray of Blu-Kote, and even helped me switch her into a new dress, because her old dress had more than a little Blu-Kote on it, and a girl likes to feel pretty, even when she’d under the weather.

I found another old doll dress to convert. It looked like this:

I cut off the sleeves and slit open the armholes for wings, cut off the front of the skirt (leaving the crocheted doily bits hanging for a little flair, thank you very much), and trimmed the back of the skirt for length. I also cut away the tulle crinoline, because, hello…scratchy.

I had thought to let Buffy go without for a bit, let her stretch her wings and air out her behind, but the second as she was naked, she went for her wound. The new dress went on with a struggle, but it went on.

And now, she looks like this:

Wendy also took a short movie of Buffy in her new dress, including her attempting to rearrange her feathers for comfort, but I can’t post video on this blog. The video can be viewed on the new Heedley’s Hens Facebook Page.

So, no playdate today, but I did bring Trixie in the lodge to see Buffy this morning, just for a few minutes. Trixie seemed way too freaked out at her surroundings to really concentrate on her sister, but I’m hoping these little visits will keep their gnat-length memories alive.


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