Funeral for a fiend. The end?

Regular readers of the blog might be asking: But what of the rats?!

I hung a second bait block in the pony stall closest to the coop about a week ago. That’s where we knew for sure the rats were hanging out; we could hear them scurrying around in there at dusk, and we sometimes saw one race along the top of the pony stall wall.

There hasn’t been much rat activity lately, visual or aural (or olfactory, for that matter), and, when the block remained intact four days later, I began to dream we’d got the last of them. I haven’t seen one in the coop since I bricked up the hole I found, and even when I forget to put the yogurt containers in the feeder at Tallulah Boost, the level of the feed was undiminished in the morning.

Could it be? Dear reader, I dared not even hope, lest the gods smite me.

I poked my head over the stall wall today, and saw that the four corners of the block had been well nibbled. Aha. So, there is at least one survivor.

For now…


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