There’s good news and there’s good news.

Things were NOT looking good for my chick/poult aspirations. The Man was concerned that we have too many mouths to feed as it is, and the girls were waffling on the whole eat-my-pet thing. Go figure.

I was despondent. No, really.

There was no way I could make this happen if I was the only one on board. This had to be a democratic family decision. Democracy sucks, by the way. Why couldn’t we have a benevolent dictator, which is to say, me?!

In my desperation, I pulled out my weapon of last resort: the unvarnished truth. It’s more than I want to go into on a public forum to get into the details, and I’m reasonably sure you, gentle reader, need not know me quite so well. Suffice to say, I put it all out there, the real reasons for wanting these twelve new babies.

The Man, like all great partners, is a bit of a mystery to me. He can swing from one position to its polar opposite without blinking. And so, he did. The upshot is that we will be getting six chicks and six poults mid-April. His thoughts on the turkeys were the most surprising, but I’ll save that for another post.

Today, the chicks. We will be getting female day-old chicks of two breeds, three of each. One of the breeds you’ve already met, the Australorp:

Australorps, are, as the name suggests, an Australian development of the Orpington breed. I love our Orps (Buffy & Trixie); they are friendly and perky and good layers. I understand that Australorps are laying machines, and just as friendly as their cousins. Plus, they’re that cool, iridescent, jet black colour.

I was going to get some Golden Comets, also reputed to be laying machines, and very early to mature. I thought “golden”? Awesome! I could name the chicks in black/blond pairs, and already had the names Betty and Veronica picked out. Then I saw one:

NOT what I had envisioned. My precious naming scheme went out the window. I guess I could have gone Ginger and Maryann, or Wilma and Betty, but I felt disinclined. Plus, we already have blond and red chickens, and I want a diverse flock.

Then Chicken Debbie told me there might be another breed on offer that day, Silver Laced Wyandottes.

Ooooo…pretty. Me likey. The rose comb helps them to be very cold hardy (less danger of frostbite), and they lay well, to boot.

This called for a slight alteration in my naming scheme, clearly. I contemplated going with good girl/bad girl pairings (Melanie/Scarlet came immediately to mind), but it then seemed to me that naming poultry in pairs is pretty much daring the universe to kill one of them. We’ve been extremely lucky thus far; I have no desire to bring bad juju on our heads through wanton hubris.

So, I’m thinking the three Australorps will be Scarlet, Dalila and Jezebel. I’ll have to think of three unrelated good girl names for the Wyandottes. Suggestions welcomed!

Stay tuned for the tale of the six poults….


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