Oh, for crying out loud.

It was only a year ago that The Man and I started contemplating chickens. I was the instigator, no question, and it took a while for The Man to catch up to my level of enthusiasm, a not-unfair reaction, given that he was largely responsible for the building of the coop and run…a massive undertaking. So, when he climbed on board the Turkey Train, I was all “yessssss….”

But…we had to get it past the girls. I began work yesterday afternoon, with Stepdaughter the Elder. I showed her the photos of the heritage turkeys I posted here, and she wavered. Then I explained that we were thinking of getting six turkeys, slaughtering three in the fall, and keeping a breeding trio through the winter so we could have our own poults in the spring.

And that did it. As long as we got to keep some, she was on the Turkey Train. It wasn’t the killing; it was the losing.

One down, but that was the easy part. On to Stepdaughter the Younger, who has a heart so soft it’s leaking out her eyes on a daily basis.

I picked her up at school after drama club, and broached the subject gently in the car. The first response I had was “NO.”, but I persevered. I explained about the birds being endangered, and how by keeping them for meat, we would actually be helping to preserve them. She wavered.

I then explained that she wouldn’t have to eat it at Thanksgiving, that she and I could have fish, or some Tofurky. She climbed on board. The “babies in the spring” clause was a definite perq.

She asked if we would name them. I replied that we didn’t have to and maybe it would be better if we didn’t. She insisted that we should name them. Okay, honey, I replied into the rearview mirror, the ones we decide to keep. NO, she insisted, we have to name the one that is Thanksgiving dinner. We have to.

Kids are amazing.

So, it was decided, then. Turkeys. I did it. HUZZAH. Go, me.

Not so fast, gentle reader. In bed, The Man said he wasn’t sure we needed more mouths to feed. Are you effing kidding me??!! What does a girl have to do to get some damned turkeys in her yard?!

And I haven’t even told him about the chicks yet….


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