Funeral for a fiend. The sequel.

When I let the chickens out this morning, I had a hard time seeing into the pony stall in question. I couldn’t see the bait block at all, but that couldn’t be right. Could it? It was very dark…

As I was trying to sleep last night, I was plagued with the thought that my chickens might get to the block, somehow. I had blocked their entrance pretty securely, and I had no reason to believe they’d been in there or could get in there. But..I worry. It’s what I do.

I placated myself with the realisation that the vast majority of the block’s disappearance had happened overnight while the chickens were in the coop. That was the answer, then. I’d put the block out when the chickens were locked in at 3pm, and move it somewhere high when they were let out at 7:30am. Problem solved. Crisis averted. Anxiety diminished.

Well, I’m going to need a new bait block to implement this brilliant plan, because it be GONE. Every scrap. There is naught but a bit of a blue wire hanger hanging from a metal hook hanging from an old metal folded-up bed frame. Either I have a tremendous number of rats, or they are going to be dying in fewer than five days. Yikes.

The other day, I found what I believe to be the point of access to the coop. I blocked it with bricks, and, at bedtime last night, the bricks remained undisturbed. I’m hoping that the loss of access to food in the coop has contributed to this poison gorging.

And now, we wait…


3 thoughts on “Funeral for a fiend. The sequel.

  1. My mom used poison like that for squirrels that were eating our wiring in the office attic. The squirrels died and decomposed and smelled out the place. It was awful! I hope you don’t have a hard time finding their bodies so you can dispose of them.

    • Yeah, that should help. I can still remember that smell.. It was something that is hard to describe.. My dad said when they eat poison they don’t smell.. but he was so wrong..

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