RATS. The sequel.

It’s been a few days since I set the rat trap, to no good result, so I did some online research on killing Norway Rats today.  There are two reasons it might be difficult to bait them into a poisoned trap.

First, they’ll only eat the bait if food is scarce. Well, that shouldn’t be a problem. It’s not like, oh…I don’t know, the floor of the coop is made of food. At a minimum, I could remove the remaining bale of alfalfa. You saw the hole they made in the front of the bale; you should have seen what it looked like on the other side. In all seriousness, it looked the exit wound left by an exploding bullet. Like, a foot across! Those rats are getting their greens, yo.

And, for the foreseeable future, the yogurt cups are staying in place, plugging the holes in the feeder. These rats are, in theory, nocturnal, but will make daytime appearances if food becomes scarce at night. Hmmm…I might be onto something here. It’s a simple thing to give my girls a dish of feed mixed with scratch and/or sunflower seed just outside the barn, keeping chicken feed out of the coop altogether, at least until The Rätterdämmerung is over. The girls rarely eat from their feeder during free range hours, anyway.

The second issue is that Norway Rats tend to be suspicious of anything new, so a trap might sit unsprung for several days. Patience, grasshopper…

It’s a blistering 45F degrees out right now, so I think I’ll go to the coop and rake out under the poop pit. If I’m right, and I really hope I’m not, I’ll unearth their nest of biddies, which I will then have to dispose of. Yech.

Ummmm…here, chickie, chickie, chicke…?


4 thoughts on “RATS. The sequel.

  1. It makes sense why your girls were not eating the mice. Chickens eat mice, but not rats. That should have been the first clue.

    These rats must be FAT and really healthy.

    I wonder if they will eat the pink babies. Get their protein in. You know what those rats are consuming, which sounds like really healthy rations.

    Damn rats.. You have such drama always going on. I love it!

    Is Hermione back to her antics, or is she laying like a regular chicken. I love to hear about her. :)

    • I wish I had some wacky Hermione stories to tell you, but she’s been a solid citizen. She lays faithfully in the Hideaway and squats for me pretty as you please. I promise to report an aberrant behaviour!

      • Thank you! I hope she gets in some mischief when the weather gets better >:)

        Have you tried convincing your husband for more chicks come spring yet?

      • Oh, he doesn’t read this blog, thank dog. I have learned to plant the seed and leave it to grow. By April, it will be his idea…

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