With apologies to Gertrude Stein. Brahma edition.

It’s not always easy to put together one of these posts, given how spotty the girls’ laying is these winter months. Getting two girls of the same breed to lay on the same day is one thing; getting a post for the breeds where I still have three is yet another.

Yesterday, however, was a good Light Brahma day. I knew when I had Alexia in the coop nesting box and Tallulah in The Baby Box that I might have a Brahma hat trick. Pip brought one in just before nightfall, to bring you With apologies to Gertrude Stein. Brahma edition:

At left, is Alexia’s egg, virtually identical to Pip’s egg, center, in colour, sheen and shape. The only difference is that Alexia lays our smallest eggs, and Pip some of our largest.

Here’s the thing though: Pip took a break from laying and Alexia didn’t. So, Alexia’s eggs have been slowly catching up in size (she’s gone from “PeeWee” to “Small”!), while Pip’s lay vacay means hers are down a size or two. Might Alexia catch up someday?

It seems unlikely. Pip is our largest hen, and Alexia, for all that she is a Brahma, is quite petite. Breeds have traits, yes, but there is huge variation by individual.

And then…there’s Tallulah’s egg. Pointy where her sisters’ are round, chalky where her sisters’ are shiny, bi-coloured from dusty rose to chocolate brown where her sisters’ are a solid buff.

I don’t even know what to say. Different drummer.

Which leaves only one the Rock edition of With apologies to Gertrude Stein left to go. I wouldn’t hold your breath, though; Abby hasn’t laid in many a week…


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