With apologies to Gertrude Stein…

An egg is an egg is an egg. Or is it?

A number of people have asked me how I can tell one egg from another. How else would I be able to label each one with the name of the hen who laid it?

Sometimes, it’s situational. Either I know when a hen is due to lay, or where she prefers to. Sometimes, it’s process of elimination: it can’t be Coraline, she just laid three hours ago, so it must be Trixie, for example. Sometimes the eggs are so unique, that only one hen could have laid it (I’m looking at you, Tallulah).

But, a lot of the time, I need to see them next to each other to know. Haley and Hermione lay eggs that are similar in size, shape, sheen and colour. If I were to find one in the Hideaway, I might have to wait until the other is laid to know which is which.

We had a busy early morning today. When I checked the Hideaway at 8:30am, there were already three eggs there, so I had to get a little Sherlock on them. Here are the eggs I found:

The top two are Haley and Hermione, but, which is which? It’s not until they’re next to each other I can be completely sure. Hermione’s eggs are slightly darker and slightly pinker. Haley’s are slightly larger, I suspect because she didn’t take the break from laying that Hermione did, so her eggs have grown in size, as they do.

The third one is Buffy. It’s darker and smaller than a Maisie, with a higher sheen; it’s shorter and rounder than an Abby (who hasn’t laid in a while, anyway), and smaller and shinier than a Coraline. It’s bigger than an Alexia, and darker than a Trixie.

Plus, I saw her leave the Hideaway this morning. Ha!

In other laying news, Pip squatted for me yesterday, and has spent the better part of the day nesting. No egg yet, but I think she might be back in business soon!


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