Guess who’s coming to dinner?

It’s been a very warm, wet winter so far, but we did just have a cold snap that plunged us down into the double and single digits for a few nights. The Man got his ice rink, and was very pleased with himself. We even had a few inches of snow.

It goes without saying that the chickens have not been happy about this state of affairs. They have kept themselves barnbound, which is great from a predator perspective, not so much from a poop-on-the-barn-floor perspective. Yechhh.

Today, the mercury is up again. The rink is melting, along with the snow. And now that the snow is less the crispy, crunchy, sparkly kind, and more the sticky, spongey kind, our property is a map of its inhabitants. The tracks are deep and clear.

So, I decided to take a look around and see who’s who. I checked outside the run first, to see if anyone was casing the joint. Nothing. Sigh of relief.

I expanded my search. Deer, of course. Squirrel. Tiny, cute mouse tracks around the house. Much larger, considerably-less-cute mouse tracks around the barn.

Chicken, of course, but just right outside the barn doors, where a few intrepid girls have ventured out in the thaw.


Just kidding. Great Dane.

And then…these.

My heart skipped when I saw these. They’re all over the place. And what I didn’t know off the top of my head was: do foxes leave claw marks in their tracks, or no?

The answer is, they do, just like dogs. So there must be a (large!) feral cat who counts our property as part of his/her territory. Must be, because our two cats have been housebound for over a month.

And then I noticed something interesting:

Kitty has an extra toe…


4 thoughts on “Guess who’s coming to dinner?

  1. No cats with extra toes are bad in my experience hehe.. I had one with seven toes!

    Have you ever had issues with cats? I wouldn’t think you would have to worry. Your girls are big enough to scare cats. Even my largest cat (15 pounds of muscle) doesn’t venture near my girls. He has been caught fast asleep in the nesting box though *rolls eyes*

    How cute are those prints! <3

    • No, I’m not worried about cats; at least, not until such time as we have chicks. Our Lucius Malfoy is a 16 pounder, but he’s been running from the girls since they were just 8 weeks old. I’m very relieved I didn’t find any fox prints. Or possum. Or raccoon…you get the idea.

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