You’ve heard of Freaky Friday?

Today is Weird Ass Wednesday.

I don’t know what is in the water today (or, perhaps, in the wind; it’s crazy windy out there), but my chickens are out to surprise me. Now, chickens aren’t supposed to surprise you. “They” say that chickens are creatures of habit, laying in the same place at the same time each day.


The chickens are playing Musical Nests today. Sure, Alexia laid where she usually does, but Trixie laid in The Baby Box. And, at last check, Buffy was laying in The Hideaway. And just to keep things fresh, Pip is making “I’m gonna lay an egg” noises, ensconced on the concrete floor of the barn…under the tractor. Whether or not they actually lay there remains to be seen.

And, if all that bed-swapping wasn’t enough to throw me off, the egg Trixie laid today is…odd. The needle doesn’t go all the way to “yikes”, just to “odd”.

It’s an albino egg, for a start. Lighter than any egg Maisie has ever laid, and Maisie lays our lightest eggs. It’s also pointy, pointier than any egg Abby has ever laid, and Abby lays our pointiest eggs. And it’s a little…lumpy. (Sorry, Trixie) Frankly, it looks as though it was difficult to lay. More difficult than usual.

So, Trixie…with the albino egg…in The Baby Box.

See for yourself. If you click on the pic, you’ll get an enlarged pic, but be warned…you can’t unsee it:

What else do my girl have planned for me today? I shudder to think.


2 thoughts on “You’ve heard of Freaky Friday?

  1. Looks like calcium deposits. I get the occasional one like that. I’ve read that it happens when they lack calcium at one point, and overdo it. It’s harmless, and I still eat these eggs :)

    I have had some that have had long lines that appear to look like it’s been cracked internally, only to heal right over again. I’ve had two or three like that.

    You’re still going to eat it right? :P

    • I’m not surprised, given how it’s been a while since she’d laid. I’m sure she had too much calcium in her system. Am I going to eat it? Hellz, yeah! Or, someone is. It went into a 6-pack carton, and into the chronological lineup. Whether it’s me, someone in my family, or one of my customers, remains to be seen…

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