Alfalfa is the new black.

It’s fascinating to me how egg-laying fashions shift. The first deviation from the official nesting boxes in the coop was Hermione’s insistence on laying amid Very Sharp Objects, and The Annex was born.

It’s hard to keep a secret in a flock, though; Maisie and Trixie very quickly made The Annex their nest. Buffy was quick to follow suit.

Hermione, reluctant to share, created Hermione’s Hideaway. Then Tallulah discovered The Baby Box.

Not to be undone, Maisie decided the two bales of alfalfa in the coop would make a lovely nest, and many of the girls have followed suit. I have found eggs in The Alfalfa Annex from Maisie, Abby, Trixie, Buffy and Haley. Sometimes there’s a line three deep. And believe me, when a hen has to wait for her nest, you know it. The protestations can be heard from every corner of the property.

I check for eggs every few hours, and I have found as many as three eggs at a time in The Alfalfa Annex. It the place to lay, baby. Everyone who’s anyone lays there.

But, The Alfalfa Annex has been invaded and sullied. I found a Buffy egg there when I opened up the coop this morning, and it was topped by a Jurassic Park mouse turd. Like the a cherry on a very sick sundae.

Message received. Well played, sir.

In truth, this is no longer amusing to me. The rodents have to go. This weekend, the poop box will be emptied, and poison pellets will be poured down the door track. I can see no way in which this will put my chickens in danger, but I know it’s a risk, nonetheless.

Further, the large wicker basket will be taken out of the barn using the tractor bucket, the good apples will be placed in containers which seal securely, and then the basket will be replaced, laced with more poison. The chickens can’t get into the basket, but, still…it’s a risk, I know.

We’ve never had mice in the barn before, not like this. But then, as I pointed out to The Man, we’ve never kept food in the barn before.

We’re learning…


2 thoughts on “Alfalfa is the new black.

  1. All your hens are such drama queens! LOL

    I have two new layers this week! Both started right in the regular nesting boxes. Was almost too boring compared to your girls ;)

    Mine lay in a box that says: The Best a Man can Get.

    It’s a Gillette Razor box.. And they love it!

    • Congratulations! I’m wrestling the idea of dismantling The Alfalfa Annex, which would be very upsetting for my girls. But it’s part of what’s making the coop so cozy for the mice…

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