Rent-a-chik. The sequel.

You do realise, of course, that the moment we had the green light from our southeasterly neighbour for the chickens to graze on their property, that…say it with me…they all stayed home like good little chickens. It’s truly quite remarkable.

I was amused and a bit relieved, though, because we still hadn’t spoken to our northeasterly neighbour, and chickens don’t respect property lines. Chicken Law #12: If I can see it, it’s mine.

The Man had the chance to speak with said northeasterly neighbour on Sunday; nothing like chainsawing wood on a Sunday morning to start a conversation. He came into the house to tell me that not only was this neighbour okay with the chickens wandering on to her property, she was thrilled they’d be eating her ticks, AND, she wants to buy our eggs.

Do you think she should get a discount for providing a valuable protein source? Or a surcharge for the pest control?


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