Heedley’s Hens breaking news bulletin.

Tallulah in The Baby Box! Hermione in the Hideaway!!

Could this be the day??? Stay tuned for updates!!!!!!!!


UPDATE 9:20am: Go Hermione! The egg fast is finally over!! It’s a nice big one, although not as dark as I was expecting. I just removed a Haley egg from the same place not an hour ago, so it must be Hermione’s.

Nothing for Tallulah, she gave up, empty-nested. But she tried.


3 thoughts on “Heedley’s Hens breaking news bulletin.

  1. I knew they would! :D

    PS: I wanted to ask you how the alfalfa is working for you? I have never had yolks so deeply orange! They hate it, but I mix it with their mash now and it is really helping their nutrition :)

    • Oh, just wait for it. The Hideaway will lose its luster soon, and she’ll get creative again. What I want to know is…what happened to her beautiful dark eggs?! They’re indistinguishable from Haley’s now. I expected that, after such a long break, her painter would be fully recharged and she’d be giving me very dark eggs. Not that I’m complaining! I’m thrilled she’s laying those big eggs again…

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