ROUSes. The Movie.

These mice are HUGE, I tell you. I found one this afternoon, inside the large wicker basket I’m using to store apples for the girls. Yes, It’s true; I’m now housing and feeding the mice at a second location. Fresh fruit, no less.

I heard a huge scratching ruckus on my way through the showroom to get to the coop at sundown. For a half second I thought it was a hen, but…they were all locked up in the coop. I girded my loins, and made my way over for a look. I was nervous, I can’t lie.

A mouse the size of a large hamster slunk out of the basket, glossy and fat on my chickens’ apples. Also in the basket, amid the apples…mouse turds. The biggest damned mouse turds I’ve ever seen. Not mere house mouse turds, mind you; I’m accustomed to those. Jurassic Park mouse turds.

My visit to the coop early this morning revealed that the yogurt containers/fence staples had proven effective again as a mouse deterrent. They were unmoved; the feed was untouched. But this morning, the mice had left me something.

Inside one of the containers I found…a single, Jurassic Park mouse turd.

Message received.


One thought on “ROUSes. The Movie.

  1. Wow.. That really sucks!

    What about traps? I know you mentioned putting something down to get them, but has it worked?

    I always hoped my girls would devour rodents, but have never seen anything more than a mole!

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