Et tu, Tallulah?

I haven’t mentioned this because I didn’t want to jinx it, but I think Tallulah might have closed up shop, too. I haven’t had an egg from her in days, possibly a week.

It figures, doesn’t it, that as soon as she finds Her Own Private Nesting Box, and it seems like it’s going to stick, so I put in six inches of wood shavings to make it comfy, and then…she stops laying.

I blame Hermione. Her influence is spreading.

I had a small leap of hope this morning, because Tallulah didn’t go crazy for the cracked corn along with the other girls. She followed me back into the barn, crying. Aha!! Maybe today’s the day!

And then, looking out the kitchen window half an hour later, I saw that the grazing flock was down one Light Brahma, and I thought “yesssss…”.

And then Tallulah came out from behind the car. Sigh.



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