And so it begins…

It was over 50 degrees F here yesterday, with grey rain…not very Christmassy at all. We had a cold snap overnight, and I believe winter has begun in earnest. It’s not the first cold weather the girls have had to deal with, but, then, I don’t think they know what they’re in for. I do. I spent January and February of 2011 in Virginia, blissfully escaping the worst of a Northeast winter, but I’m bracing myself for the real thing this time…

My hens are adapting quite well, if complaining about the cold. (Then again, they’re always complaining about something…) In addition to hanging out by the furnace, they’ve also discovered that wood is much warmer on the feet than concrete, metal or the ground, and have established a new chicken clubhouse for the cold weather…the large wooden box on the back of the tractor. When the tractor is in the showroom of the barn, this make for perfect winter roosting…and conversation.

Again, my girls have shown me how clever they are when it comes to their own self-preservation. They’re protected from the elements, from the view of predators, and they’re in a safe group. They’re close to their coop, their nesting boxes, and their food and water supply.

Every day when I lock them in their coop at around 3pm, and I count all ten, I think to myself…not-so-silly chickens.

Merry Christmas Eve, all; God bless us, every one.


5 thoughts on “And so it begins…

    • I thought about getting them some mealworms, but never got around to it. As strange as it might sound, I’m going to give them some warm scrambled eggs! It might sound a bit cannibalistic, but eggs were their first food in the shell, and they love it. And, hey, I give them their eggshells back to recycle, so why not the eggs?!

      • Well, the girls LOVED their Christmas breakfast. Coraline was eating from the yogurt end, and not only had it smeared all over her (substantial) wattles, but had a sunflower seed glued to the top of her beak. Good times…

  1. What good chickens :D Mine will not leave their barn or coop. They hate the cold and snow. We actually got snow for Christmas, which makes me happy, but the chickens are bitter.

    I gave my girls (and guys) warm oatmeal with baloney and apples (yes, disgusting!), but they ate it up. Warmed them as well. We spent all day baking and making homemade applesauce, so they really enjoyed any leftover apple cores we brought out.

    You have so many eggs, why not give them back to them. I don’t have enough to share! lol. I have been getting two a day for a few days in a row. They are getting better, though it’s slow.

    • I’m trying the black pepper thing to get more eggs, but they turned up their beaks at their peppered oatmeal! Ungrateful beasts…

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