Tallulah lay.

(Say that ten times fast. I amazed my elder stepdaughter by being able to do this when she couldn’t get close.)

Yesterday, as you know, was a lean day for Heedley’s Hens, with a new all-time low of only three eggs laid. On the up side, today should be a very good day.

One of my potential layers yesterday was Tallulah, who is not the most reliable layer; I wasn’t holding my breath. Tallulah lays me about three eggs a week (not like Alexia and Pip’s five or six), and they are completely different in appearance,not only from my other two Light Brahmas, but from those of any of my girls.

I showed you eggs from Pip and Alexia yesterday, very different in size, but identical in colour and sheen. Tallulah is the third Light Brahma, and you’d think there would be similarities in the appearance of her eggs to those of her sisters. You would be wrong.

Pip and Alexia’s eggs have a polished sheen to them; Tallulah’s are consistently chalky in texture. Pip and Alexia’s eggs are a light buff colour; Tallulah’s are actually bi-coloured, with the majority of the egg being light buff, and one end being a much darker brown. This wouldn’t seem so strange to me if the darker end were always the same end of the egg, but it’s not. Sometimes it’s the big end, sometimes the pointy end. How does she do that?!

Anyway. Left with only four hens to watch for eggs yesterday, I really didn’t expect Tallulah to come through for me, but she did. And in her true high-creative fashion, she has found a new place to lay. Not the coop nesting boxes, not The Annex, not Hermione’s Hideaway. Gentle reader, I give you…The Baby Box.

It’s a logical choice. Private, enclosed, safe. I’ve must have checked in there for Hermione eggs a hundred times, but it was Tallulah who made it home. She was making the most delightful cooing sounds in there; I really must do recordings of all their sounds and post them sometime.

I told myself that, if she actually laid in there, I’d make it homey for her. (At present, there’s nothing in the box, but it’s hard and dusty.) I went back an hour later to discover…

Tallulah laid.


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