We’re experiencing a flush of spring today: sunny and mid-50s. The snow we had a week ago has largely retreated, and there’s that lovely constant dripping sound that always makes me think of April. As the snow has slowly disappeared, the girls have reclaimed more and more of their foraging grounds.

They didn’t know what to think about the snow when it fell, and avoided it at all costs. Trixie actually lifted her wingtips over her head to tiptoe across a small patch of snow, like a grande dame demurely lifting her skirts to avoid a mud puddle. Haley prefers to use flight, flapping herself over snow patches.

So, I was pleased for them today. Sun, warmth, water, grass…all the good things chickens need. Enjoy it, ladies, cuz winter’s a comin’. For real, this time.

Just one problem. While the girls were enjoying the weather today, they forgot to lay. GIRLZ??!! Where’s ma dam eggs??!!!

I knew I shouldn’t have bragged about getting nine eggs yesterday. I knew I was asking for a jinx. It’s 3pm and I have, so far today, received one egg. ONE. (Thank you, Maisie. You may excuse yourself from the room now.)

I haven’t had ONE egg since I only had Alexia laying. ONE EGG??!!

Girls, meet me at camera three.

I know you’re living beings and not machines. I know that laying eggs has GOT to be physically and emotionally taxing. I may never have passed a bowling ball out my butt, but I have a very good imagination. I don’t know how you do it, and you know I appreciate it.

But…ONE egg? I’m going to need you to do better, m’kay?

<exits muttering> One egg….

3:55pm UPDATE: Just went out to the coop to put crushed eggshells in the calcium bowl, to find Alexia, Coraline and Haley had taken my admonition to heart: three eggs were waiting for me in the coop nesting boxes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad for more eggs, but…the weird thing is, I didn’t even know my chickens read my blog. I’m going to have to watch what I say from now on.

I couldn’t immediately identify the loud BRAAAAAKKK!! I heard in the showroom as I closed the coop door. Buffy had somehow slipped passed me and is now sitting in The Annex. I’ll leave her there until Tallulah Time.

So, maybe today will be a five-egg day, which would be a slow day, but at least it would be a DAY.

4:25pm UPDATE: Go, Buffy! That makes five. And when I returned her to the coop (she was just hanging out by the car, eating grass, like there was nothing weird or scary about her being all alone, outside, at dusk…) I saw Abby on the nest. Ummm…okay. Great. But, can you get it done before dark, A? No pressure…

5:05pm UPDATE: Went to check the completely dark coop. Abby’s egg laid, and Abby up on roosts all by herself. Curiously, Buffy needed help getting up tonight.

So, all together, a six-egg day. Which is MUCH better than a one-egg day. BUT…with so many laying late in the day, here’s what tomorrow looks like:

10    maximum potential eggs on any given day
– 5    eggs laid late today (hens will take tomorrow off)
– 1    Hermione (’nuff said)
=4   maximum eggs to be expected tomorrow.

I’ve always been a glass-half-empty girl. Just ask my mother.


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