Bestill my heart!

I haven’t forgotten about Hermione. If you’re not up on the story, you’d really need to go back to the beginning of the blog; it’s a bit of a soap opera.

I’ve been keeping my eye on her, as much as is reasonably possible. She has to lay SOMETIME, right? But I never seem to be able to catch her away from the flock. Until this morning.

I caught her making some bawkbawkBAWK sounds in the barn this morning, and my hopes soared. Could today be the day?! An hour later, I went back to the barn and saw THIS:

She’s in The Hideaway! She’s in The Hideaway!!!

I was SO excited…until I looked closer.

It was Haley.



2 thoughts on “Bestill my heart!

    • Seriously. I had NINE eggs yesterday, waaaay up from the previous few days and a perfect day…almost. Guess who didn’t lay?

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