I caught an egg!

An Abby egg!

This is the second time it’s happened, the first being Abby’s very first egg ever, some months ago.

Before my hens began to lay, I hadn’t realised that, come the moment of truth, a hen stands up to lay her egg. No one tells you that. So, I went to check for Abby’s egg this morning, and found her standing up in the nest. She wasn’t going in or out, just standing. And concentrating. Very, very hard.

So, I reached my hand under her, and felt the wide end of an egg protruding from her vent. She didn’t seem to mind that I held my hand out to catch her egg, or maybe they are powerless to move at that point in the process.

Within a minute, the egg dropped into my hand, warm, of course, and wet with bloom. The bloom is the coating a hen places on the egg just before it’s laid. It Nature’s way of keeping external bacteria from passing through the porous eggshell to the white and yolk. She’s very clever, that Nature woman.

The bloom dries within seconds of the egg being laid, sealing any bacteria out. It’s an amazing system. It’s for that reason that I don’t wash my eggs, not unless they are dirty, which is rare. I don’t refrigerate them, either. They stay on the counter (common practice in many countries), and rarely go more than a few days before being eaten.

Thank you, Abby. (Yes, I always thank my hens for their eggs.)


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