How do you solve a problem like Hermione?

(With apologies to Oscar Hammerstein II, one of whose grandsons I dated briefly. For real. But, that’s another blog…)

Okay. Still no eggs from Hermione. I KNOW!!! There was that one I found, what, four days ago, and that is the only evidence I have of Hermione laying in the past, say, ten to fourteen days. What up, sister?

I’ve been searching high and low for a hidden cache. I even searched inside the overturned canoe in the barn. (That would have been cool if I’d found her nest there…)

It occurred to me that, if she is still laying in the back section of the barn, even after I closed up her northern access, it’s entirely possible that I’m not finding the eggs, and our resident groundhog is. The thought of a groundhog feasting on daily eggs is galling…

I’ve been watching the flock for times when Hermione is conspicuously absent, so I could go search her out while she’s stealth-laying, but she always seems to be with them.

There is always the possibility that she is NOT laying, I suppose. Pullets (hens less than a year in age) don’t go through the same molt and slow down of egg-laying that mature hens do in their first winter; they plough right through. Which is what the other girls are doing, more or less.

Maybe Hermione is the exception. I’ve noticed she has absolutely no interest in the chicken butt handshake these days. No definitely means no.

Is Hermione on strike?


2 thoughts on “How do you solve a problem like Hermione?

  1. I have a BR pullet on strike! :P

    She could be. My production red started laying this summer, and has only skipped a couple of days this cold season! What’s up Hermione!

    She cracks me up! :P

    • I have to conclude she’s closed up shop for the winter. One freeloader out of ten isn’t bad, I guess. I’m still getting 8 eggs a day.

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