Night moves. The sequel.

Abby and Haley took the day off yesterday, as expected, given their late-night shenanigans the night before, and laid for me bright and early this morning. It’s great to have such pros in my flock.

I was relieved to have done with late-night laying as I went into the coop at 4:45 yesterday afternoon to boost up Tallulah. Putting her up on the roosts meant every one was ready for bed, except…why were there only two white chickens on the roosts? Had I miscounted at lockdown??!!

I had a brief, choking flight of panic before turning around and seeing Alexia in a nesting box. In the dark.


She hadn’t laid yet, so I decided to leave her there and come back to put her on the roosts once she was done. There was no way she’d be able to get onto the 4-foot roosts unaided, crowded as they were, with absolutely no light to guide her.

I returned an hour later, and was surprised to find the girls awake and shuffling for position when I opened the door. Shouldn’t they be asleep by now? I looked over to where Alexia had been to find her egg, but no chicken. What the?!

She had managed to get up on the roost by herself, in profound darkness, without my help. And recently, as the kerfuffle on the roosts would suggest.

I was so impressed! Good girl, Alexia! Above and beyond!!

So, yet again we learn: chickens can’t manoeuver in the dark, except when they can.


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