Hermione: 3. Me: 0.

Which is worse? A hen who doesn’t lay eggs to pay her rent, or a hen who lays the eggs where her landlord can’t find them?

It’s been at least five days since I’ve found an Hermione egg. Waaaaay too long. I looked everywhere in the showroom of the barn, under the assumption that it was the only part of the barn, save the coop, to which Hermione had access.

You know what they say about people who assume, don’t you?

When I closed up the gap in the eastern doorway about a month ago, I cut off Hermione’s path to one of her favourite nests: the empty nesting box to the left of the actual nesting boxes in the coop. I was feeling pretty smug about having put that situation to rest. Well, I should have taken a closer look at the northern doorway.

On a hunch, I took a look today, and saw the gap between the door and the doorway is about six inches, more than wide enough for a persistent hen, one who circles the barn hour after hour, looking for a way in. Then I looked into the empty nesting box, and there it was…

An Hermione egg. Just one. I have no idea how long it had been there.

I could certainly work to close up the gap in the northern doorway, but you have to admire the girl’s enterprise. I’m inclined to leave it, and add the new spot to the list of places to check. It’s easily enough done, as it’s right next to the “official” nesting boxes. In fact, I’m inclined to put down a towel for her.

I am SUCH a pushover.


2 thoughts on “Hermione: 3. Me: 0.

  1. Should have read this before I placed my bet at you finding four eggs. What a little sneak! There must be more somewhere else. I have never heard of a more persistent hen! You have to admire her determination :)

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