What ever I did, I’m very, very sorry.

Egg production has picked up over the last two days. Yesterday was eight, and we hit seven before noon today. So, who are the slackers, you might ask?

Well, there’s Tallulah. She did lay a monster egg, but that was four days ago. What up, Tallulah? How much of a rest do you need? Rest on your laurels, much?

Then, there’s Hermione, who has no excuse. I couldn’t say for sure, but I’m reasonably sure it’s been four or five days since Hermione laid an egg. Or, four or five days since I’ve found an Hermione egg, which are two completely different things.

Hermione has been known to lay her eggs in…unusual places. So much so that we made The Annex just for her. And then she shunned it for Hermione’s Hideaway. And now, The Hideaway has seen nary an egg for nearly a week. Has she moved on? Does she need more excitement? Is Hermione’s Hideaway just SO twenty minutes ago?!

HERMIONE!!! (shakes fist)

So, today, for the first time in a while, I went on an egg hunt. Hermione LOVES the barn, so I made a through inspection of the showroom section. Hermione likes it cramped, dark and sometimes dangerous, so nothing was out of bounds. I looked in buckets, drawers, boxes. Behind benches, baskets, garbage cans. I looked underneath an antique child’s school desk. I looked on the seat of the tractor. I looked up on high shelves.


Clearly, I am being punished. I wish I knew what I did.


3 thoughts on “What ever I did, I’m very, very sorry.

  1. Oh Hermione..

    At least she isn’t broody. I have strange nesting boxes like you (in the coop, and in the garage). She has been going broody on every golf ball she finds. However, I need the new girls (all 14 of them) to know where to lay when the time comes! I really don’t want it to be on the floor :P But it very well still might!

    I love where she gets in that tight place. She is one crazy chicken!

    • Welcome! So glad to have you here. Yes, Hermione is a prize; you never know where she’s going to lay next. Anyone want to take bets on how many eggs I’ll find when/if I find the new nest? It was three last time.

      I only wish I had had my camera with me the time she decided she was going to lay at the bottom of a barrel that had 6 inches of bird seed in it…

      • LOL

        My chickens could lay a lot of discreet places in my barn. I don’t search too much for them.. Right now I only have two girls I know are laying. One of the ones old enough is molting, and my other is a BR who has never been a steady layer. She is only 9 months old! She did lay an egg two weeks ago in the nesting box, so I know she knows where to do it, but it just doesn’t make sense that the older girls are laying more than she is.

        I don’t add extra light. Doesn’t really slow down my production red. She lays an egg a day. She skips a day every two weeks or so. Without extra lighting. They get about 9 hours of light.

        Do you add extra light? Your girls lay much better than mine! :P

        I’m going to go with at least four. Hope you have time to really search this weekend! Can’t wait to find out where she has been stashing them.

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