All right. Who farted??!!

Oh, TRIXIE. What am I going to do with you?

We had a replay of last Tuesday night last night. Trixie wanted to lay at lock down, but I put her in the coop with the rest of the girls. When she started swearing at me from the run again, I thought, “there is no way I can go through that again”, so I opened the coop, scooped her up, and set her in The Annex. At least she’d lay (or not) while it was still light.

It’s been slow the past few days, egg-wise. The girls have been laying only four or five eggs a day. It’s normal for hens to slow down as the daylight gets scarcer and less powerful, so I did my best not to take it personally. If Trixie wanted to up the day’s production by one, I was going to do what I could to support her in that endeavor.

At dusk, I reached under her and felt the edge of a shell. Huzzah! She’d actually laid this time!

I took her back to the coop, gave Tallulah a boost up, and closed up for the night before returning to The Annex to collect Trixie’s egg. And found…a fart.

At left. Obviously.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “What’s the big whoop, Nina? So, Trixie laid another fart egg.” Ahhhh, grasshopper. You know not what you say.

Because, according to the rules of chickens and egg laying, that can’t be Trixie’s fart. It’s too dark. A hen’s eggs are all roughly the same colour, with some fading. This fart is way to dark to be Trixie’s. Trixie’s eggs are a shade lighter than Pip’s, which is at right in the photo above.

So…who farted?

If we’re going by colour, it most closely resembles Buffy’s eggs. But Buffy doesn’t use The Annex, and she laid yesterday morning. It’s pretty close to Haley’s colour, and Haley does lay in The Annex, and did NOT lay yesterday. But Haley laid first thing this morning.


1. Trixie, who had opportunity and motive, laid a fart egg not of her normal colouration, or
2. Buffy laid a stealth egg on the same day she laid a full one, or
3. Haley laid a fart fewer than 18 hours before laying a full-sized egg.

The world…may never know.


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