Green eggs and EEEW!

(This post is guest-blogged, by ma petite belle-fille, Isobel.)

Nina and her brother, when they were little, once added blue food coloring to macaroni and cheese. It made it a disgusting green color, but their mom said they had to eat it anyway.

I wanted to have green eggs, so Nina put in blue food coloring because blue mixed with yellow is green. We used the smallest egg which was made from Alexia and the largest egg which was made from Pip.

We haven’t cooked it yet and this is what it looks like:

Now I’m not so sure that I want to eat it. I’m pretty sure it’ll taste like slime.

Back to me, I’m afraid. Isobel’s passion for blogging was quickly sated. MAN, did she gobble up those eggs. It seems the science of taste doesn’t apply here. Here’s what they looked like cooked:

Seems Dr. Suess knew what he was talking about…




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