Remember how I stayed up with Trixie after dark in The Annex so she could lay her Egg That Couldn’t Wait, only she never laid it? Remember?

I waited all day yesterday for that egg. Surely, she must lay it very first thing in the morning, that is, if she had been able to keep her legs crossed all night and hadn’t laid an night egg. Right? Nature must take its course. Right?

Imagine my surprise when Trixie was eggless all day yesterday. Eggless. Sans oeuf. Rien. Nulla. Niente.

Where did it go??!! I mean, that night, I could FEEL it when I checked her behind. It was right THERE. WHERE DID IT GO??!!

I was relieved, therefore, when I opened up the barn doors early this morning and found Trixie trapped in there. (See The Tale of Hermione to see how she got in the barn when the barn doors are closed.)

I was so excited. Trixie had finally passed The Egg! I ran to The Annex to see what was inside. A regular Trixie egg? Maybe…TWO??!!

Here’s what I found:

What the hell, Trixie?! This little fart egg is even smaller than the one Alexia laid! And it’s all shell, like a little rock!

She must have absorbed the egg from Tuesday night. I don’t know how this works, but I’m going to look into it. Is that not amazing?!


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