Mean girls.

Ever since Tallulah lost her position as Head Hen (a long and gradual evolution), I’ve had my eye open for the new top dog. Erm, chicken. The nature of the pecking order is such that SOMEONE has to be on top, right?

Even a flock with a rooster (that would be ME) needs a Head Hen. So…who is it?

I think I might finally have the answer. Lately, I’ve noticed Maisie has been pecking Alexia in the head. A LOT. My girls tend to be pretty relaxed with each other (although the white girls have a little exclusive clique, but that’s for another post), and pecking has been unusual since about Month Four. So…what up, Maisie?!

As long as she doesn’t go Full Rambo on the flock, I think I’m going to stay out of it. There must be a Head Hen, and she needs to assert her authority. This might also explain why Maisie isn’t much for The Chicken Butt Handshake. I mean…a modern girl has to prioritise her career over relationships, right?

Plus, would YOU mess with this girl? Does she LOOK like she’s kidding around?!



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