Annex log jam.

Seeing as Hermione moved on to Hermione’s Hideaway, the only hens left laying in the Annex have been Trixie and Maisie. You would think two hens could manage to lay one egg each in the course of an eight-hour day without giving each other too much grief.

You would be wrong.

Somehow, they always want to lay at exactly the same time, and it MUST be the Annex. Neither has laid a single egg in the coop nesting boxes since the Annex opened.

I’ve been hearing what I take to be egg song, only to learn, upon investigation, that Maisie is screaming at Trixie to get out of the nest, or vice versa. I’ve thought that it’s big enough for both of them to lay at the same time, but this doesn’t seem to occur to them. No sharesies!

This morning I heard a ruckus in the barn, and went to investigate. Here’s what I found:

Seems Maisie had tired of being patient and decided to strong arm Trixie. I was all prepared to chew Maisie out, but I checked under Trixie and found she had laid, and was just hanging out.


I think I’m going to need a doorman, or a traffic light, at a minimum.

In other news, I reached under Trixie a half hour earlier and found an egg, but it wasn’t Trixie’s. It was unmistakably Haley’s. Another hen has discovered the Annex.

Ruh roh.


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