Since getting my chicks in April, I have waited for the perfect egg day: one egg per hen, everyone laying, no one on rest day. First I had to wait for them all to lay, then the days started getting shorter, I wondered if I’d have to wait until spring.

Yesterday was SO close! I really thought we were there, but Coraline and Abby took the day off. When they laid first thing this morning, I knew I had a shot.

And here it is, immortalized on (digital) film, my very first perfect game, in chronological order:

Huzzah!! Thanks, ladies!



2 thoughts on “10!!!!

  1. Awesome! Good for you! I also got my ladies in April. I think I got two or three perfect days. :)

    Oh… And I found your blog from BYC. :D I am ‘luvinmychickens’ on there. :)

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