The first rule of Annex…

…is don’t talk about Annex.

I had a run of eight-egg days in the past week, which can’t last of course, there has to be a day when the girls rest. Quite as it should be. So, as the laying times became later and later, I knew I’d be getting an off day, egg-wise.

Yesterday, I only got five, and you know what that means.

It means that a bunch of them were going to need to lay first thing this morning. As it happens, two of the three who needed to lay first thing were the Annex girls, Hermione and Maisie. Only one problem, though…someone had talked.

Trixie was in the Annex, quite securely snuggled in. And she would not be moved. It goes without saying that Hermione and Maisie had an opinion about that.

(Sorry about the blurry pics; clearly, the lens of my phone needs a cleaning…)

I wish I could post video here, because I took a small clip which gives an idea of the cacophony of colourful chicken swearing that was coming out of Maisie, and the staccato mutterings from Hermione in the background. The showroom of the barn has excellent acoustics, it turns out.

I was in the middle of explaining to Hermione and Maisie that, while they HAD been the original users of the Annex, Hermione in particular having a kind of ownership, Trixie WAS all settled in, 9/10 of the law and all that, and I couldn’t exactly turf her out mid-lay, usurper, or no. I was in the middle of explaining all this when I reached under Trixie and discovered she had already laid, and was just enjoying a little post-lay afterglow.

YOU!!! OUT!!! NEXT!!!

I put Hermione in the nest, and had to rush to do so before Maisie hopped in. It is HER nest, and she WAS there first. Right? Well, that’s not how chickens work. What followed was a very interesting display of the pecking order. Clearly, Maisie is above Hermione, because an ordered intimidation followed:

Hermione caved. What could I do?

She went buh-buh-buh-GAWKing around the showroom, looking for a new spot. I tried to help, truly I did, but Hermione is her own woman. She tried the bottom of an empty three-foot-high barrel, where we store bird seed in the winter. She would have been very happy there, I think, if I hadn’t put the kibosh on it. After Maisie had laid her egg, I settled Hermione into the Annex.

When I saw Hermione grazing outside the barn, I knew she’d laid, but there was nothing in the Annex. After a quick search, I saw this cabinet beside a collection of ropes and cable on the far wall:

And behind that blue metal shelf:

Because, with Hermione, every day is Easter.


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