Fart egg!!!

I was making one of my usual collecting trips to the coop, and found Pip nesting in the far right nesting box. Often, a hen will choose one particular nesting box over another because one of her sister hens has already laid there. She will make herself comfortable, then neatly bill the other hen’s egg under her, keeping it warm until she lays her own.

Even in the chicken world, success breeds success. Or lays it, at the very least.

So, I reached under Pip today, and pulled out, not a Pip egg (distinguishable by its light buff colour, glossy sheen, very wide base and pointy tip) but what was unmistakably a Haley, and a…what the??!!

Please take a look at the photo below. On the left, is the egg Trixie laid today; on the right, Haley’s egg from today. And in the center…?

That, gentle reader, is a fart egg.

The fart egg is an accident of nature, a misfire, if you will. I’ve heard of them, but this was the first laid by our girls. This is unlike their tiny junior eggs in that they are a) even smaller, and b) yolkless. Yup, just a bit of white. I haven’t cracked it open yet, but I’d be amazed if there was a tiny yolk in there.

This one by laid by Alexia, our first hen to lay, two months ago today. I’ve been wondering what was up with her. She was a laying machine until about a week ago, when things slowed and then stopped. I wasn’t concerned, per se, but I was paying attention.

I just think Alexia popped this out to clear the pipes. Maybe she’s back in business?


2 thoughts on “Fart egg!!!

  1. See today’s post! Alexis’ eggs have always been on the small side, which is why you won’t be getting any with your delivery, but it was a regular Alexis egg. She’s back in business!

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