What the…?! The sequel.

We were hit by a nor’easter last night. You read that right. A nor’easter. In OCTOBER.

The chickens were locked up by 3pm yesterday, just as the flakes were starting to fall. When they woke up this morning and looked out the opened coop door, this is what they saw:

They did NOT want to come out.

Mid-morning, I shoveled a path around the west side of the barn to the run, exposing the grass below. It wasn’t easy tempting the girls to come out of the run to forage, but an intrepid five took the leap.

It made it into the 40s today, and the snow has been melting quickly. Last I looked, there was enough grass showing that six of the girls were grazing under the apple tree. If only real winter would go like this, I think we’d all be just fine.

In any event, egg production is high today, perhaps because of the abundance and quality of the sunlight. Eight so far. Will Buffy and Alexia give me the perfect 10/10 no hitter for which I’ve been waiting?


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