Oh…HERMIONE. The sequel.

Oh, Hermione. I get it. I do. It’s hard to find privacy in a flock of ten girls to do your very private business. And here you’ve found this awesome space! It’s secluded and has a tent over the top!

Needless to say, my pushing the poop pit back toward the wall was insufficient to deter our intrepid Hermione. I corralled the girls into the run/coop as I was preparing to leave the house, did my usual head count, and found Hermione missing. This is not an unusual occurrence, so I curbed my concern while I searched for her.

After searching the places she might be, I began to fret. Please, please, please don’t let her have been taken by a hawk! I went back into the coop to ensure I had counted correctly, and, upon closer inspection, found this:

Do not be concerned; she is perfectly fine. Just irascible.

So, I had no alternative but to go whole hog. I pulled out the poop pit, removed ALL sand behind it, and pushed it completely against the wall. Sorry, girls. When you have less roost space tonight you can thank Hermione.

She’s circling the coop now. Will she lower herself to lay in the nests, both metaphorically and literally? Stay tuned…


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